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Conference 2006

At the 2nd Environment Observation Conference on 9 March 2006, 50 high-ranking experts from six European countries attended the Conference. The Conference was opened with speeches by Georg Rebernig, managing director of the Austrian Umweltbundesamt and Reinhard Mang, head of section at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and Rainer Dröschmeister from the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation in Bonn.

In the course of the Conference, 22 reports from the working groups were presented. After these presentations, participants were invited to talk directly to the leaders of the working groups and express their thoughts and wishes regarding the contents and devision of future work on a “marketplace” of ideas. The discussion will be continued within and in-between the working groups by electronic means.

With great approval, Werner Pillmann, was elected EU-EMS’s second president for a period of two years. Aim of the new president is to foster knowledge exchange between established EU-EMS working groups and an approach between the two European activities: Environment Observation & Environment Informatics.

At the end of the Conference, Wilhelm Vogel handed the chairmanship over to Markus Wüest, the Swiss representative, for the 3rd Environment Observation Conference. The 3rd Conference, prepared by the resolutions 2007 and lasting several days, will take place in Bern in 2008.

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Today, twenty month after the second conference, we have made further progress. Four panels have been established, focusing on four priority issues for environmental observation. These cross cutting issues were identified with the scope that environmental observations may increasingly become international and interdisciplinary crossing geographical and thematical borders. These changes were laid down in the new statute of the Environment Observation and Balance Council (EOBC) developed in the preparation process for the 3rd Conference 2008 in Bern.

Vienna, 2007-12-14

Wilhelm Vogel, Austrian Umweltbundesamt

Wilhelm Vogel, Reinhard Mang and Georg Rebernig
Marktplatz 2006
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